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Empowering Underserved Communities through Agriculture

Growing Future Leaders From Urban Soil

Agricultural Education Innovation

we specialize in developing comprehensive and engaging agricultural education curricula, uniquely crafted for urban schools. 

Urban Agriculture Liaison

Our mission is to serve as a crucial link between urban agriculturalists and USDA agencies.

Land Access Advocate/Policy

We are here to offer our expertise in agricultural policy to metropolitan areas. Our role is to provide valuable guidance and recommendations to local governments, helping them develop sustainable agricultural practices and seamlessly integrate them into their urban planning strategies.

In service to Atlanta Metropolitan since 2016

It’s important to build trust and collaboration amongst all stakeholders involved in the agricultural industry. By working together, we can create innovative solutions to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector today. Additionally, it’s important to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and respect for all individuals and organizations involved in the agricultural industry. Through education, resources, and support, everyone involved in the agricultural industry can come together to create a better future for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading agricultural outreach consulting firm for small, new and beginning farmers. We strive to empower our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to start and optimize their operations, while promoting sustainability and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expert knowledge and guidance to farmers and agricultural businesses, helping them to properly initiate the farm, for maximum production, profitability, and sustainability in their operations.

Our Values

Sustainability: We are committed to environmentally responsible practices that minimize our ecological footprint, promote conservation, and support the long-term health of our planet.

Community: We value the power of community and seek to foster connections between urban and rural populations, working together to strengthen the local food system.

Education: We are dedicated to educating and inspiring others about the benefits of urban farming, sustainable agriculture, and the importance of knowing where our food comes from.

Innovation: We embrace innovative approaches, technologies, and solutions to enhance urban agriculture, while continually seeking new and creative ways to support our mission.

Accessibility: We believe fresh, locally sourced food should be accessible to everyone, and we work to break down barriers to entry for urban farming and healthy eating.

Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of people, ideas, and approaches within our community, recognizing that it enriches our understanding and strengthens our collective impact.

Empowerment: We empower individuals to take control of their food sources and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient urban environment.

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