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5 Things I Eliminated To GROW

I’ve learned that fruit trees periodically need pruning to bear the best fruit. As with fruit trees, we also need to periodically prune and shape ourselves. Here’s my list of things that had to go in order for me to grow…

Self Doubt
I can honestly say doubt has been a thorn in my side since childhood. Let’s be honest we all deal with it at some point in our lives… well, I have been living with mine for almost thirty years and it’s time for a major change. In my opinion, doubt is the absolute worst because it means, you have all the tools, wisdom, and knowledge to be great and you never do anything with it all because you second-guessed yourself. Which leaves me highly disappointed in myself and I tend to quit the very thing that I have taken the time to prepare for. Doubt is never the answer…it actually distracts and weakens your progress.
How I plan on silencing that destructive second-guess:
As soon as a negative thought rears its nasty head, I’m popping it like a 16-year old with a pimple on homecoming night. Seriously, you have to immediately reject that witch! Replace those thoughts with positive affirmations and rituals. Yoga and mediation used to help me so much… I think I will pick it back up this year.

We’ve all heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy.” This statement is so true if we are continuously comparing ourselves to the next person, or business my case, baker. You will never see the progress you’ve made because you are in competition with something that more than likely isn’t as good as you perceive it to be. True Story: I admired a particular bakers’ work so much… and some of my work was inspired by this person. I thought they had the perfect business model, the most beautiful cakes, and the following of a superstar. When I finally had the opportunity to taste their cake, I found it to be dryer than the desert on the driest day…just a crumbly mess. After reading some of the reviews for this baker the customers were just as dissatisfied as I was. I Could not believe I compared my sweets to this facade of a baker. …remember everyone has to start somewhere.
How I plan to overcome comparison:
Simple. Put on my blinders and stay in my lane.

Toxic Relationships
Whooosaaa… this is probably what I personally struggle with the most. It’s two-fold because you have your elected relationships (friends, colleagues, etc.) and then you have fixed relationships which is pretty much, family. We can’t choose the family we are born into however, we can love people from a distance. For the elected friendships, I whole-heartedly believe in setting your boundaries early in the relationship. You have to teach people how to treat you. If there is something you don’t like, speak up… say what you mean, and mean what you say. Now, I’m not saying go around nitpicking folks (I’m guilty of this). I’m just saying if you feel like you have been wronged, be an adult and address the trespasser in a non-confrontational way. Also, acknowledge when you are wrong, apologize and move on. Life is too short to dwell in mess. If someone doesn’t fit into your life in this season, it’s okay.
How I plan to combat negative relationships:
Choose my tribe wisely. Realizing everyone is not worth my personal time and space is the greatest gift I could’ve given myself. Your team should be uplifting, trustworthy, dependable, and HONEST if nothing else.

Fear is tricky. I would say 99.99% is not good for you, but there is the .01% that helps you prepare and kind of, “wakes you up” in so many words. Today we are going to talk about the majority partner. Fear is an emotion that will paralyze you and make you give up on your dreams. I have learned that when I acknowledge the fear and actually sit in it for a moment is when I perform better. In that moment, I ask myself what am I afraid of? Then I recite positive affirmations to overcome the fear. It’s when I tell myself I am not afraid and try to ignore the emotions is when I usually perform terribly.
How I plan to reroute fear:
First and foremost, acknowledge the emotion head on. For me, it’s my best (not so) secret weapon. Secondly, I’m going to do more things that scare me. Practice makes perfect… Right? So the more I put myself in uncomfortable scenarios the easier it will get. This is one of my overall goals with Socially Chy. I feel like an extrovert living in an introvert’s body. So I have challenged myself to live my best life, today! I am so excited to share my everyday life-story, food & travel diaries, and experiences. Hopefully, encourage others to share their story too.

Sweets by Chy
I’m so sad to say that my days of selling sweets has come to a close. BUT WAIT!! I will still have super delish recipes and food-related posts for you here on the blog. I surely wasn’t going to leave my Sweeties hanging to dry. This wasn’t an easy decision for me however, it was very necessary for growth. I’m so excited to focus on bringing my internet family broader content and share my life stories through food, family, and travel with you.

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