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Perfect Pie Crust

I was on a mission to make my first double crust fruit pie and declared two things; First, my crust would be made from scratch. Secondly, it would not taste like wet, unflavored dough.

The research started with asking family and close friends if I could have their recipe for a homemade pie crust. To my surprise most of them use the store bought stuff (hard side-eye) This made me realize that the store bought stuff can’t be that bad. APPARENTLY, I’ve been eating it my whole life with no complaints! LOLOL! So, I will say when you’re really short on time use the pre-made crust if you absolutely have to… sigh.

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Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

LemonBlueberry2The 4th of July is quickly approaching and you’re trying to figure out what you’re going to bring to the potluck… Don’t even worry, your favorite sweet recipe source has you covered!

This Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake is a show stopper and a potluck MVP. Perfectly lemony with fresh picked sweet blueberries from our friends at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, GA. There is nothing like fresh picked berries they’re the absolute best!

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Island Coconut Macaroons 

img_0634-1Let’s say “Somebody” (me) loves vacation… Especially a beach vacation. So, anytime I get a chance to make sweets that remind me of vacation I’m all over it.

This is the most easiest recipe I’ve made in a long time. It is on the sweeter side of the dessert spectrum however, you only need one or two to curb your sweet tooth. It has the most simple ingredients and considered gluten free because it contains no flour. However, it does not lack in the sugar department.

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Sweet Recipe: Banana Foster Parfaits

I was a faithful fan of Chef Emeril Lagasse’s live show on Food Network years ago. One day he made this delicious dessert that’s native to Louisiana with the most simple ingredients.

I thought to myself, I would definitely make this dessert in the near future. Then that’s when Emeril lit the dessert aflame and my plan to make the dessert in the near future was quickly set on the mental back burner, I was terrified! I was new to marriage, and while I wasn’t new to cooking, I surely didn’t want my husband to come home from work to a burned down kitchen. However, I was still very intrigued by the dramatics, and the live audience reaction was electrifying.

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Bitter & Blanc Bread Pudding

The first time I had this delectable dessert was on a cruise ship. Let’s just say it was love at first taste. I knew I could…no…had to duplicate the recipe as soon as we returned from our vacation.

This is one of my favorites and I’m happy to share my recipe with all my Sweeties! I promise it’s not a challenging recipe…there is one step where it would be nice if you had an extra set of hands…but after that, it’s smooth sailing…in a pool of chocolate sauce! YUM!

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